1. OnTrac Operations Assurance Framework 

OpsAssure         The OnTrac Operations Assurance Framework helps companies increase their operational efficiencies by establishing proven operations management methodologies and principles at supervisory and mid management levels. Companies are able to see improvement in core operational metrics such as productivity, quality, customer satisfaction or internal metrics such as attrition, employee satisfaction, and supervisory effectiveness.

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2. International Star Certification Program

The Star Certification Program is one of the most widely implemented Operations Management programs for team leaders in the industry. It addresses a key requirement of the industry i.e. upgrading the management capabilities of the supervisory layer in the area of operations. Over 25000 team leaders across 100 companies in countries such as India, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka and Canada have reaped the benefit of this program and its derivatives. The program directly demonstrated improved business benefits to senior management.
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3. Performance Consulting 

PerfCons          The Performance Consulring Service helps companies improve specific operational metrics in a variety of internal functions. These could include functions such as recruitment, IT Support, Finance and Accounting, Payroll, Administration, Sales Support etc. Performance Consulting is also applicable for regular ITES/BPO processes where certain enabling metrics (that may not be directly revenue impacting), need to be improved. OnTrac applies tried and tested methodologies in order to study, analyze, derive solutions and implement them, in order to change the operational outcome.

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4. Operational Skill Development

OnTrac has core training programs aligned to operations, that helps develop skills of various management layers. All programs have measureable outcomes, should the client choose to measure them. Programs are operations focused i.e. they are aligned to operations through the use of examples and illustrations related to core operations. 

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