MBTI, or the Myers Briggs Type Interface is one of the most widely used tools in the world that has helped millions of people understand their own personality and that of others. It has helped them understand the different methods and techniques that work with various types of personalities, that help in dealing with situations to reduce stress or resolve conflicts, that improve team work through better collaboration, leading teams towards a common goal etc. 


A big reason why brilliant teams fail spectacularly is poor teamwork. On the other hand, people who learn to understand others at a deeper level and are able to empathise with others, are able to form excellent teams. High performing teams naturally generate better business results. Individuals in such teams also propagate the culture of cooperation and high performance when they join or work with other teams. MBTI provides a proven structure that helps people understand their own personalities and that of others thereby helping them work with each other. Apart from working with team members, it enables to to manage a variety of stakeholders such as clients, vendors, their own managers (upwards management) and their direct reportees (downward management). 89 of the top 100 Fortune companies use MBTI.



    * Introduction to MBTI Principles

    * Getting in to right mind-set

    * Introduction and Expectation Setting

    * Introduction to MBTI principles

    * Getting in to right mind-set

    * MBTI Instrument Administration

    * Carl Jung’s Theory on Personalities

    * Activity to clarify Nature & Nurture

    * Description of Characteristics for E-I, S-N, T-F and J-P for self-estimate

    * Real life Examples and Illustrations

    * E-I, S-N, T-F and J-P split activities

    * Tabulation of Reported Type

    * Validation of results, clarifications

    * Group Type & Characteristics

    * Gap Analysis between Individual's Type & his/her Role Type

    * Q & A and recap

    DAY 1

    * Introduction and Expectation Setting

    * Understanding what’s Team

    * Classic examples of High performing teams

    * Characteristics of High Performance Teams

    * Activity to experience the quality of great teams with combination of teams constructed with different personality types

    * Analysis of the activity & take away ’s

    * Game to experience various qualities of High Performance teams

    * Analysis of the game & take-away’ s

    * How to Build great teams- Team building without time wasting by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

    * Q&A

    * Recap

    DAY 2

    The program helps participants explore, experience and realize characteristics of great teams and how they are constructed by knowing the personality type of team members and the team leader. 

    The facilitator will be discussing and showcasing how teams work, what challenges they face with teams consisting of members of similar type compared to teams constructed with different personality types.

    At every stage participants will think of ways to readily leverage the team's characteristics such as modes of communication and types of team members (initiative takers, researchers, idea generators, data deep divers, problem solvers, process followers, decision makers, action planners etc.).

    Participants will experience the differences between teams that consist of of similar personality types and those with divergent personality types through engaging activities. 

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OnTrac's MBTI facilitator is one of the most experienced trainers in the industry. Not only does he bring with him a deep expertise in MBTI, he also brings with him several years of corporate experience at various senior leadership levels. He has trained hundreds of corporate executives, high court and supreme court judges and many others. 


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