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CASE 1: A large retail company selling eyeware including reading glasses, speciality spectacles and frames wanted to expand into 69 cities in India, in 10 states. The requirement was to find trainers who would be able to train their staff on soft skills, and provide them with product knowledge. 

OnTrac worked with the client to help them identify the right trainers in every location. Further, OnTrac personnel were trained as master trainers, and they inturn trained the local trainers in each location. Lastly, the training delivery was tracked and monitored to ensure quality. Overall, the client was very happy because OnTrac enabled them to open stores on time in all of these locations. 

CASE 2: A large technical training institute with a pan India presence wanted to improve sales. The institute had their own centers, as well as franchisee centers. They contacted OnTrac to identify training opportunities for each of their key business functions in their centers that were located in various parts of India. OnTrac conducted the study, and identified four functions where training would make a difference. These were (a) The front office that could help in better conversion of footfalls into signups (b) The delivery team that could help in betting building employable skills (c) The Placement team that could help students get jobs faster and (d) The leadership team needed to work on its leadership skills to lead the national franchisee network

OnTrac conducted various programs for these functions including Sales programs, communication skills, program on how client's business actually works (business mechanics), DiSC programs for leadership etc. The result was that the franchisees felt much more empowered to improve sales and reduce dropouts (leading to loss of revenue). The client was very happy with the improved confidence of the franchisee network.

CASE 3: A large third party BPO company‚Äôs client is a leading cosmetics company based in the US. The client had outsourced more than 350 FTEs worth of work to the BPO company and the operation was spread over 3 locations. The BPO Company wanted to improve the operational effectiveness at the supervisory level and reduce attrition, as this was constant area of concern for the company. The BPO Company had already taken various initiatives internally to try and reduce attrition, which had not yielded the desired results. The company engaged OnTrac to help them in their efforts to reduce attrition.

OnTrac first conducted a study and baselined the current situation of supervisory operations. In the second phase, OnTrac delivered training programs, and using its own methodology, coached supervisors on the floor. In the last phase, OnTrac worked with the participants' managers to help them take over and govern the review process with the team leaders. The result was that the performance improved and attrition decreased significantly. 

CASE 4: A large IT/ITES company wanted to build a pipeline of potential team leaders, so that they could tap into this pipeline whenever a vacancy arose for this role. OnTrac helped them with assessments to identify such potential candidates from their entry level employee pool. Further, OnTrac created training programs for people in this pipeline to help build supervisory skills. The programs consisted of a series of initiatives including application of skills at the workplace. The initiative has been very successful and the client is repeating it for the third year in a row.


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