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Dri.Ve Platform: People perform better when they are engaged. Games, Social Media and Mobile drive engagement. Dri.Ve is a gamification platform that improves performance through a high engagement scalable game modeled around a football (soccer) tournament.


Dri.Ve can be used to encourage people to apply their learnings at their workplace after they have attended a training program. Therefore, the ROI of the training program becomes visible.

Dri.Ve can also be used as an R&R initiative to improve motivation and moral. As Dri.Ve is directly connected to improvement in business metrics, the ROI becomes visible. 


Dri.Ve is a comprehensive gamification platform that transforms the entire workplace into a football (soccer) tournament. Teams represent countries, or clubs, that compete against each other. Workplace performance metrics are  tied to football goals. Teams that perform better, get to score more goals. The game is implemented in a "tournment style" with groups, league rounds, quarter finals, semi finals and finals. Exiting teams are kept engaged through an automatic entry into the ally league where they compete to stay on top of the stack rank. The entire experience is filled with fun, recognitions and a drive towards great performance. 

The platform has helped HP win an industry award for improving net promoter scores and resolution rates.


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