Operations Management Consulting, Training and Software for BPO,
              KPO, LPO and all ITES companies

What we do...
OnTrac is an award winning company that provides consulting services, training and software, in the area of Operations Management for BPO, KPO, LPO and all ITES companies.

We work with over 100 companies in 8 countries. Simply put, we help our clients improve operational metrics such as productivity, quality, csat, retention etc. in our own unique way. Our globally recognized products are Star Certification Program for team leaders, Performance Assurance Framework and the Starworks software. We have offices in India and Philippines.

We have worked with our clients on multiple domains including on voice based services such as customer support, tech support etc. and in the non-voice area such as banking and insurance back office processes. We have a 100% client referral rate.

Cutting Edge Research
OnTrac announces results of cutting edge research the area of BPO operations management.

  • OnTrac Operations Assurance Framework
   Our Operations Assurance Framework helps our clients meet or exceed performance goals consistently, through the application of appropriate operations management principles. Our consultants are involved till the framework is burned in to the process and business results are demonstrated. Read more >>     The Star Certification Program provideds a structured way to upskill team leaders in Operations Management. It demonstrates solid ROI through measurement of operational results. Over 50000 TLs from 100 companies in 7 countries have been certified. Read more >>

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OnTrac Global Reach
OnTrac has received numerous awards, recognitions and accreditations from various BPOs, KPOs and ITES companies such as GE Money Services, Infosys, Accenture and First Source. More>>

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